About Us

About Us:

23 years ago I was blessed with a daughter, Atiqa. As Atiqa grew I had trouble finding modest clothing and hijabs that fit the lifestyle of a young girl. My own hijabs looked too big and odd on her. I decided to take matters into my own hands and got behind my sewing machine. I started sewing scarves and hijabi outfits for my daughter. Others in my community took notice and asked where they could get similar pieces for their girls. With their support I opened Mokka Fashions, where I sold hijabs and modest clothing for all ages. 10 years later, and with Atiqa as my partner, we are growing in the modest clothing space through Hijab Shack. We went from selling pieces locally out of my basement, to now having a storefront and a strong online presence, shipping nationwide. We took a project I loved that was created out of necessity, and turned it into a thriving company that is continually evolving with the needs and trends of modest fashion.